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Perbedaan Jakarta dan KOREA dimata Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

Perbedaan Jakarta dan KOREA dimata Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg ke Indonesia dalam rangka membuka peluang bagi penetrasi pasar mobile di Indonesia, mencari kesempatan untuk memperluas jangkauan dan jumlah pengguna Facebook baru di Indonesia. Apa kesan yang dirasakan oleh Mark Zuckerberg di Indonesia dan apa kesan yang ia rasakan di Korea, Simak perbedaan kualitas dua Negara antara Indonesia dan Korea dimata Mark Zuckerberg dibawah ini :

foto  Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Jakarta Jokowi

I spent the day in Jakarta meeting with developers, partners and government leaders about Internet.org. This morning I met with President-elect Joko Widodo and we discussed the opportunities and challenges of connecting everyone in Indonesia.

He has an amazing perspective since he ran much of his presidential election campaign through Facebook and the internet in order to communicate directly with all 250 million Indonesians.

A hallmark of his style is "blusukan" or impromptu walkabouts to meet Indonesian citizens. After our meeting, I joined him on a walkabout to the Tanah Abang market. It was a wonderful way to connect with people directly. He recently launched an online "e-Blusukan" so that he can connect with all Indonesians online in a similar way across the archipelago.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many people here and talk to them about how they’re using the internet. Many are already using the internet to build businesses, improve their communities and connect with the world. If we can connect everyone in Indonesia, these benefits will only continue to grow.

Indonesia masih menjadi Pasar dimata Korporasi Global.
Simbol Pasar Tanah Abang adalah simbol bagaimana "Pandangan" mereka terhadap potensi pasar di Indonesia

foto mark zuckerberg di korea

I had the opportunity to bring Facebook's management team to visit Samsung in Korea to learn about their culture and how they build the devices that hundreds of millions of people use to connect.

A highlight was seeing the Hwaseong campus where Samsung produces 40% of the world's memory chips. The precision of their process is inspiring. We had to wear clean suits so small dust particles didn't interfere with their machines.

Thank you to the Samsung team for hosting us. We look forward to working together to connect the world.

mark zuckerberg korea Hwaseong campus
Beda Negara beda kualitas perjamuan, Kalau di Indonesia diajak ke Pasar
Di Korea mereka diundang ke Hwaseong campus - Beda Kualitas Negara Beda Model Kerjasama 

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